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Family Says 84-yr-old Was Raped, Sodomized at Missouri Nursing Home, Sues Nursing Home for $1 Billion

The family of an 84-year-old great-grandmother has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Christian Care Home in Ferguson, Mo.

The children of Delores Green claim their mother was repeatedly sexually assaulted while being a resident at the facility located at the 800 block of Chambers Road.

Kyle Green, a son, told News 4, “When I found out what happened to my mother I was shocked and I was traumatized.”

“They failed her, they failed my mother, they failed her totally,” said daughter, Colette Green.

According to the family, Green had been a patient at the nursing home for eight years, but recently Colette noticed bruising around the rectum and vaginal areas while giving her mother a bath.

Colette Green said management at the nursing home turned a deaf ear when she raised concern, so she took her mother to the hospital where doctors determined the 84-year old had been repeatedly sexually assaulted.

“Raped, sodomized. And no telling when it started or how long it’s been going on. But we know one thing, it has to stop,” said attorney Willie Gary.

Delores Green suffers from a condition that causes her arms and legs to draw up. According to the family, she also suffers from Alzheimer’s and would have been unable to defend herself or tell anyone what happened to her.

The Ferguson Police Department confirms it’s conducting a criminal investigation over the allegations. Attorneys for the family hope the size of the lawsuit serves as a wake-up call to any nursing home that’s guilty of abuse or neglect.

“Unfortunately the system has failed and it’s not just in Miss Green’s case. The system’s failed a number of times across the country, and these are the people, the voiceless,” said attorney Richard Banks.

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