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Family of Antwon Rose, Teenager Killed by Police, Settles Suit for $2 Million

The family of Antwon Rose, an unarmed Black teenager who was shot and killed by a white police officer in East Pittsburgh, Pa. last year, will receive a $2 million settlement for the shooting.

According to one of the family’s lawyers, S. Lee Merritt, the amount awarded was the maximum amount the city of East Pittsburgh could pay under its insurance policy.

The two law firms who represented the family, Rabner Law Offices and McEldrew Young, will each receive $400,000 plus reimbursement costs.

Mr. Merritt said the Rose family “wasn’t particularly happy’’ with the settlement, “but it was the most the city could do.”

“The goal for the lawsuit,’’ he said, “was to come up with a figure that would cause police officers in the East Pittsburgh area to think before they pull the trigger and force the city to consider better training.”

The settlement comes seven months after Michael Rosfeld, the officer who shot Antwon and had been charged with criminal homicide, was acquitted on all counts.

Antwon’s parents, Michelle Kenney and Antwon Rose, Sr., filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against East Pittsburgh in August 2018. The suite accused Mr. Rosfeld of using excessive and deadly force and the borough’s policymakers of improperly training their police officers.

A United States District Court judge signed a stipulation on Tuesday dismissing the lawsuit with prejudice, which means the claims cannot be filed again. The order was signed by all parties.

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