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Family of Choir Director Killed by Houston Police Demand Release of Video

Friends and family of Adrian Medearis are demanding that police release footage of his shooting.

Medearis, 48, was shot during an alleged scuffle with police that took place after he was pulled over Friday. According to the Houston Police Department, Medearis was pulled over because he was speeding and suspected of being intoxicated.

Officer J. Ramos was identified as the officer that conducted the field sobriety test on Medearis.

According to a statement from HPD, Medearis allegedly resisted arrest when Ramos attempted to take him into custody. The statement says Medearis grabbed the officer’s taser, and Ramos fired his service weapon multiple times. Hitting Medearis at least one time and killing him.  

Police say no other officers were involved in the traffic stop and there are no known witnesses.

Police Chief Art Acevedo told the Houston Chronicle newspaper that the officer’s body camera was knocked off during the alleged struggle with Medearis, but footage from other cameras captured the incident.

Police, citing ongoing investigations of the shooting, have not released the video.

Medearis, was a well-known, local, gospel singer and was the choir director at the Evangelist Temple Church of God In Christ.

Dav Lewis, a longtime friend of Medearis, said he and family members are demanding that any video police have be released.

“Everybody – and especially his family – deserve to know what happened that night, they need to see what happened to their loved one,” Lewis said. “We must hold the police accountable and we’re not going to just sit back and take the police word on this.”

Lewis said it would be completely out of character for Medearis to react aggressively during a traffic stop.

“We deserve to see the proof of what police are alleging,” Lewis said. “Nothing is going to make sense until we see the video.”

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