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Fans Show Support For Jesse Williams Amongst Petition To Get Him Fired From Grey’s Anatomy

When actor/activist Jesse Williams, from the show Grey’s Anatomy, made his heart-felt speech during the BET Awards, we all knew he would face some kind of backlash for it. Well here it is.

Hundreds of upset fans have taken to social media to voice their anger with Mr. Wiliam’s statements. Tweeting the show’s main Twitter page, flooding the show’s official FB page, asking the writers/producers to fire Jesse. According to many of these protesting fans, Jesse “hates White people” and is dividing the country.

Most of the blogs and other media sources are choosing to focus on the fans who want to get Jesse removed from the show, however the recent comments on Grey’s Anatomy’s Facebook page tell a different story. Amongst the many threats of boycotting the show from fans upset with Mr. William’s words, a lot of fans (Black and White) of the show and Jesse are also threatening to stop watching the show if he is fired. See some of the recent comments below:

If what Jesse said resonated with you or if you are simply a fan of freedom of speech, take a moment to go to Grey’s Anatomy’s Facebook page and post a comment.

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