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Florida Man Arrested After His 4-Year Old Daughter Told Police: “My Daddy Was Shooting”

A 26-year old man from Miami, Florida is facing felony charges for allegedly shooting at a man after an argument.

Hector Reyes tried to deny the accusations that he shot at the man who had allegedly made obscene gestures towards his daughter’s mother but his 4-year old daughter told police he was shooting.

Reyes, his daughter, and his daughter’s mother were visiting family when the incident happened. According to reports, Reyes and his brother-in-law confronted a man who was allegedly making obsceen gestures toward Reyes’ daughter’s mother. After a brief arguement with the man, Reyes got back in the car with his daughter and daughter’s mother and that was when Reyes started shooting towards the direction of the man.  

Moments after the shooting, police chased down Reyes car and pulled him over. After Reyes denied shoot at the man, his 4-year old daughter told police, “My daddy was shooting.”

The girl’s mother immediately tried to refute what her daughter said and added that she didnt know why her daughter would say something like that. 

Reyes was subsequently arrested on a felony account of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possessing a deadly weapon while committing an offense. He is also facing four counts of felony child abuse with no great bodily harm.

Reyes still maintains he was not involved in the shooting.

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marlena Boykins September 25, 2019 at 3:00 pm

how do somebody cut all the organs out of someone and stuff them with paper without no one send them do it in a school gym and then put him in a Matt without anybody seeing it somebody know something they just not telling what they know I will get the police to investigate more deeper and get some more details I hope and pray that they find who did that to him and they get what they deserve cuz he did not deserve that

Florida Man Arrested After His 4-Year Old Daughter Told Police: “My Daddy Was Shooting” | Lokol Buzz October 2, 2019 at 11:56 am

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