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Former NBA Star Stephon Marbury Is Helping To Bring 10M Masks To New York

For NBA veteran Stephon Marbury, the coronavirus pandemic has hit close to a couple of places he calls home.

The first is New York, more specifically the neighborhood of Brooklyn where Marbury grew up.

He was well known in the district when freelance writer Darcy Frey wrote a book called “The Last Shot” about Stephon and his high school teammates.

The second is Beijing, China, where the 43-year-old is coaching the Beijing Royal Fighters of the Chinese Basketball Association.

That’s why the two-time NBA All-Star is working with a company in China to sell 10 million masks to his hometown at cost instead of a profit.

“The Brooklyn borough president, he asked me to help him and I just came to bat for him,” Marbury told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Eric Adams, the president, tweeted in response: “Thank you Stephon Marbury for stepping up to offer the greatest assist of your life. You are a true friend to this city.”

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