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Gallup study confirms that 2017 really is worse than 2016 – especially for Blacks

A new Gallup survey released this Wednesday, found a decline across all racial groups over the past year when it comes to overall well-being. The data shows that Blacks have fared the worst out of all racial groups.

The Gallup report, which is now in its third year, offers global leaders, economists and political scientists’ insights into people’s feelings and behaviors, telling them more about their society’s health and future than traditional economic measures can alone.

The survey that rates categories on a scale of 0-100, shows that Black’s sense of well-being declined 1.3 points between 2016 (59.8) and 2017 (58.5). The drop came after an increase in overall well-being last year, despite improvements in key economic indicators that affect well-being, such as unemployment, perceptions of standard of living, confidence in the economy and optimism about spending.

According to the survey, Whites well-being stayed relatively steady, declining by only .3 points (62.2 in 2016 and 61.9 in 2017). Asians rated their well-being at 64 in 2017, a small decline of .6 from their 64.6 in 2016. Hispanics had a 1 point decline in 2017, comparable to African Americans but with figures closer to Whites (63.3 in 2016 and 62.3 in 2017).

The Well-Being Index consists of five metrics: including financial stability, feeling safe and having pride in one’s community, and having good health.

While there are multiple factors that contributed to the decline, many people are looking towards President Trump as a large reason for the decline. Trump’s presidency seems to have sparked a resurgence of racism in American society. Seemingly emboldening racists and White supremacists to come out of the shadows and commit acts of violence without fear of consequences.

To make things worse, the wealth gap has widened to historically high levels. While corporate executives continue to get exorbitant pay, many low-income families are still just getting by and barely making ends meet.

The complete report can be viewed here.

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