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Genius Brothers, 11 and 14 Years Old, Graduate from High School and College

Two brothers from Texas have graduated from high school and college at the same time. Carson Huey-You, is just 14 years old and has graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in physics. Making him the youngest graduate in the school’s history.

His brother, Cannan, is 11 years old has just graduated from high school and will start studying at TCU in the fall – majoring in astrophysics and engineering.

“They are just normal little boys who do normal little boy things”, The brother’s mom, Claretta Kimp, told the Washington Post.

But these boys are far from normal; They are in fact brilliant child prodigies! At such young ages, they have accomplished a lot academically, and their goals are far different from what most kids their age are thinking about.

“Yes, they’re smart,” their mom said, “but that’s just a small part of who they are.”

Their mom says that things really hit her when Carson was just 3-years old, and told her outright: “I really want to learn calculus.” She says that she went out and bought him a calculus book, and he was able to solve the problems.

Being so smart at such a young age, however, doesn’t come without challenges, and in fact, Carson faced quite a few challenges that his classmates didn’t. For example, the online forms for federal financial assistance don’t include his age in the drop-down menu. This means that he really didn’t qualify for financial aid.

In addition, as a child, he wasn’t able to just walk around on campus by himself. He needed a chaperone on campus, and so his mom had to drive him to school every day and walk him to and from all his classes.

Cannan also had his set of challenges. At age 5, he started out in Kindergarten just like any other kid, but by 2nd grade, he got bored and asked to be homeschooled. Then, his mom saw the “light bulb moment” for the second time. She realized she had two geniuses on her hand.

So, Cannan was soon enrolled in the same private high school that Carson attended. But again because of his age, he needed to be protected and supervised differently, so he was allowed to mostly work remotely from the TCU campus alongside his brother.

The sky is the limit, and only time will tell where these two young geniuses will end up. Carson says he wants to get a PhD, and Cannan is already planning to be an astronaut.

But their story is so extraordinary, both may be the subjects of their very own movie one day!


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