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Gwen Jimmere Is The First African American To Hold a Patent For a Natural Hair Care Product

NATURALICIOUSGwen Jimmere of Detroit, MI is the first Black person to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. Gwen created a solution that contains all natural ingredients and helps Black women shorten the amount of time they spend washing and conditioning their hair.

Shortly after giving birth to her son, Gwen was at home recuperating, when she started trying different formulas for her shampoo in her kitchen. By the time her son was 2 years old, Gwen found herself laid off from her job and in the process of a divorce. She decided to use this time to get to work on the production of her new line of hair products.

She knew she needed to patent her new formula but a patent attorney could cost up to $30,000. Gwen didn’t have that kind of money laying around, so she did it herself! It took her 8 months of studying at the library and going to the patent and trademark offices in Detroit but Gwen eventually taught herself patent law. A little over a year later, she received her patent.

Gwen’s company, Naturalicious has become a seven-figure company within the last 2 years and continues to grow. Their products can be found at select Whole Foods stores and on their website –

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