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Stop Making Flint Residents Pay for Poisoned Water! (Sign The Petition & Share)

Even though the water is undrinkable and lead-contaminated, residents of Flint Michigan are still expected to pay their water bills. Expected to pay for water, that according to the EPA’s criteria, can be classified as toxic waste. The average water bill in Flint (one of the most economically depressed areas in the state of Michigan) is about $200. And if residents refuse to pay, their water is shut off.

“My water bill is over $200 a month on average but my family hasn’t been able to drink or cook with the water for over a year” says Melissa Mays, a founder of “Water You Fighting For” said in a news release issued by the group.

This is an outrage on many levels and the people of Flint need help in many ways. One way you can help is by clicking the link below and signing a petition started by Flint resident, Stacy Parker Le Melle. The petition is requesting the following from the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder:

1.     Stop charging Flint residents for water until it is safe.

2.     Refund Flint residents for past months of poisoned water.

3.     Refund Flint residents for money spent on filters and bottled water during this crisis.

Please sign and share this petition.

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