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Houston’s Unity National Bank Signed Up Over 300 New Accounts in 72 Hours

The new accounts department at Houston’s Unity National Bank has been very busy the last couple of days. The Black Owned Bank has seen a sudden influx of new customers over the last few days; signing up hundreds of new accounts in 72 hours.

Bank representatives believe the sudden increase in new accounts came in part, due to last week’s police shootings involving Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. There is a movement growing on social media that is sending a strong message to America – if we can’t get justice, we will apply economic pressure by withdrawing our Black dollars from non-Black Owned financial institutions, and by boycotting corporations that do nothing to support us.

President and CEO of Unity Bank, John Scroggins, says there have been 300 new accounts opened at their two locations in Houston in 72 hours.

Scroggins says anger is not the only thing sending new clients his way. He attributes it to an awakening as well.

Customers say Unity is just as competitive as your Bank of Americas and Wells Fargos, while offering the same services.

Let’s keep this movement going! Find a Black Owned Bank in your area and open an account. If you can’t find a physical bank close to you, there are many Black Owned Banks that offer online services. Here is a list of Black Owned Banks in the US:

26 Black Owned Banks And Credit Unions


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