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How Michele Hoskins Turned Her Family’s Syrup Recipe Into A Multimillion Dollar Business

Michele Hoskins holding syrupDr. Michele Hoskins is the Founder & CEO of her company, Michele Foods. Michele Foods is a family owned business started by Michele over 30 years ago. The company produces a line of syrups and pancake mix.

Michele says her great great grandmother, who was a slave in the 1800s, developed the recipe for her syrups out of churned butter, honey, and cream. The recipe was passed down to the third daughter in each generation.

Michele says when she received the recipe, she was going through a divorce, trying to figure out where she wanted to be in life and trying to find a way to take care of her 3 daughters. Instead of giving her daughters a recipe, Michele decided to give them a business. Michele sold everything she owned and moved back into her mother’s house, where she and her daughters lived in the attic. They had filled and packaged each syrup bottle in their basement every evening.

Fast forward 30 years – Michele Foods is a multimillion dollar company. Their main products: Honey Crème Syrup, Butter Pecan Syrup, Maple Crème Syrup and Michele’s Gourmet Pancake Mix, can be found in over 8,000 stores nationwide. Michele Foods syrups were the first Black-owned product made available in Walmart stores nationwide (although they are no longer available at Walmart). Hoskins mentors Black business owners seeking to get their product on the shelves nationwide in major stores. In 2014, her company celebrated its 30th anniversary. She has appeared on Oprah, Donny Deutsch and has numerous articles written about her.

Michele’s determination, ingenuity, and passion turned a coveted family recipe into a nationally recognized product, loved and enjoyed by millions. For over 25 years, Michele has been on the forefront of women business leaders in the Chicagoland area. She is also a published author and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs through her Entrepreneur Training program.

For more information on Michele and her products go to her website here

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