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Killer Mike, Big Kritt, Usher and Jermaine Dupri Have A Goal To Open 1 Million Accounts At This Black Owned Bank

Killer Mike has a goal to open 1 million accounts at an Atlanta based, black owned bank. Citizens Trust Bank was opened in 1921 and has been a part of the Atlanta community for over 95 years. Killer Mike, along with Usher, Big Kritt and Jermaine Dupri are asking everyone to come out and support this black institution and the black economy.

Killer Mike – “The importance of black economic empowerment is this: When you own land or property, meaning a home, you have the power to actually have wealth. If you don’t own anything, you don’t have anything. That begins with bringing your children in here [black banks], starting a bank account, teaching them how to save, next teaching them about credit and applying for home mortgages at neighborhood institutions that look like them…”

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