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Louisville Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man Immediately After Telling Him To Show His Hands

A video released by the Louisville, KY police department shows the moment when one of their officers encounter an unarmed Black man hiding behind a box spring and then immediately shoots him while telling him to show his hands.

The man that was shot was identified as 38-year-old Bruce Warrick. He is currently listed in critical condition at the University of Louisville Hospital after sustaining a single gunshot wound to the stomach. Due to where he shot, Mr. Warrick had to have portions of his intestines and pancreas removed.

In the video, three officers can be seen searching an abandoned house where someone reported a person was using drugs outside and then went in the house. The officers can be heard announcing their presence and asking if anyone was in the house, to come out with their hands-up.

The officer who shot Mr. Warrick was identified as officer Sarah Stumler. The officer who’s been on the police force for eight years, encounters the man hiding behind a box spring. As she’s telling him to show his hands, she immediately fires one shot from her service weapon, and hits the man in his stomach. Officer Stumler was accompanied on the search of the house by officers Braden Lammers and Aaron Seneker, who have been on the force since August 2016 and December 2016, respectively.

According to Mr. Warrick’s family, he’s been battling substance abuse problems at different times over the years and he’s currently homeless. But they insisted that he’s a passive man who would’ve posed no threat to the officers searching the house.

Mr. Warrick was enrolled in a court appointed substance-abuse classes and according to a judge who supervised the program, “he was ‘an inspiration’ to others in program.”

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Sling Blade Pig Fucker March 21, 2019 at 5:19 pm

That is a Damn Shame. So she must not of had a flashlight when she needed it the most!! Ridiculous. That could have been ANYONE! Anyone homless that is. Don’t shoot if he Put his hands up whike hiding like that They are obviously going to point to her for where he was hiding at. Crazy situation hope he is ok. Now I kind of wish he had a gun to shoot the stupid cop back.


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