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Man Charged in Execution-Style Killing of 6-Year-Old Boy, Father and Father’s Girlfriend

A Michigan man is facing homicide charges for the execution-style killing of a Black man, his son, and his girlfriend.

Nicholas Bahri, 37, of West Bloomfield Township, was arraigned Tuesday on 15 charges for the murder of a 6-year-old boy, the boy’s father, and his father’s girlfriend. Among those charges are three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of felony firearm.

On Oct. 1, Nicholas Raad Bahri reportedly killed Tukuyo Moore, and then went on to shoot his girlfriend Isis Rimson and six-year-old son Tai’raz Moore.

Police found the body of Tukuyo in the backseat of a rental car that had been set on fire. When police went to Tukuyo’s home to notify his family of his death, they discovered the body of his girlfriend, Isis Rimson, and his 6-year-old son, Tai’raz Moore, in the basement of their home in Warren.

All three individuals suffered gunshot wounds to the head.

Warren police Commissioner Bill Dwyer confirmed that Tai’raz was led down to the basement of the home with his father’s girlfriend and then both were shot in the head.

Police said the home had been “ransacked.” Authorities say they discovered drugs, guns, and $40,000 in the home. They believe Bahri and Tukuyo may have been involved in drug trafficking.

Dwyer said Bahri’s actions were “all about drugs and money,” noting “violent acts among drug dealers” are common.

“But killing a baby, a 6-year-old, has shaken not just the tri-county area, but has shocked the nation … only monsters or godless creatures would pull the trigger on a 6-year-old,” he said.

Dwyer is asking that federal authorities investigate the crime for potential hate crime charges, as Warren is a city known for having racism issues.

“Nicholas Bahri. Barbarian. Child Killer…He will serve his time,” he said. “I have talked to [Detroit U.S. Attorney] Matthew Schneider. I’ve talked about this before as far as possibly taking this person under criminal capital offense. Mr. Schneider is monitoring the case very closely.”

“When you murder a six-year-old innocent baby, the person or persons responsible deserve the death penalty,” Dwyer said.

Prior to the recent killings, Bahri had developed an extensive criminal history and had just been released from prison on August 20 after serving seven years for a charge of fleeing and eluding out of Orchard Lake.

Judges had previously sentenced Bahri to prison each time he was arrested, including for larceny in 2006, for drugs in 2008 and most recently for the fleeing conviction. The man also reportedly violated probation on multiple occasions.

Bahri was arrested on Friday (Oct. 9). He has been indicted on three homicide charges, three charges of committing a felony while possessing a gun, three charges involving a felon carrying a gun, and one charge of mutilating a dead body.

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