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Man Files Civil Rights Lawsuit After Cellphone Video Shows Police Punching Him During Traffic Stop

A man has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, multiple deputies, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva after cellphone video showed him being restrained and beaten by deputies during a traffic stop.

In February, deputies pulled Andre Olivas over in Long Beach because the truck he rented for work had expired tags. According to Olivas, he told the deputies he didn’t know the tags were expired and asked to speak to a supervisor. That’s when the police got violent, Olivas said.

“I kind of feel that’s what really escalated it – was me asking to speak to a supervisor,“ Olivas told Good Day LA. “Everything I wanted to do was comply and give them the information that they need. To be honest [I was] scared for my life. I didn’t know what was going on because it was without any warning.” 

In the video, one deputy can be seen holding Olivas on the ground while the other hits him in the head multiple times. 

The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday by Olivas attorney, James DeSimone, alleges that the deputies’ actions during the stop went “beyond excessive force.” The suit alleges that deputies struck Olivas dozens of times and restrained him to the point that he struggled to breathe. 

Olivas says he now suffers from permanent brain and emotional trauma.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department released a statement, saying there was no comment because it has not yet examined the legal complaint.

Olivas said he wants to see justice and change.

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