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Man Gets 30 Months in Prison for Hate Crime Assault of Black Man

Robert Patrick Maykis of Bremerton, WA was convicted of a hate crime against a Black man and sentenced to 30 months in prison.

A Kitsap County Superior Court jury convicted the 49-yearold of second-degree assault and malicious harassment along with two sentencing enhancements for using a deadly weapon — a rock he threw at the victim. Maykis was also said to have used racial slurs while attacking the Black man.

Deputy Prosecutor Ben Turner, who tried the case, said the injuries to the victim are lasting and both physical and emotional. And the injuries don’t stop with just him. 

“This is something that injures the community and the victim and doesn’t go away,” Turner said, adding later: “I wanted this to be a clear message that this behavior is not going to be tolerated.”

The incident occurred on Feb. 9, 2018. According to reports, the victim was getting off a bus on his way home from work at Veterans Affairs and had the urge to urinate. Due to a medical condition, he didn’t think he would be able to make it home in time so he went behind a nearby business to relieve himself.

The man told a Bremerton police officer that, as he was urinating, a man identified as Maykis emerged from a parked van on the opposite side of a fence and began yelling racial slurs at him, including a n-word, according to documents.

Maykis attempted to punch the man by reaching over the fence, then picked up a rock and threw it at the man, striking him in the leg, according to documents.

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