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Man Injured In Car Accident Dies After Cop Takes Him To Get Breathalyzer Test Instead Of Medical Treatment

The death of a South Carolina dad is marked by questions as officials try to piece together why he was brought to a police station for a Breathalyzer test instead of a hospital.

Nathaniel Rhodes, a 58-year-old father, collapsed on Aug. 12, 2018, at Charleston Police Headquarters following a traffic accident and died four days later, according to his family’s attorney.

His relatives are now demanding authorities investigate whether protocol was followed when Rhodes was taken off a stretcher and taken to the police department.

The police report stated Rhodes claimed to have “no injuries that would stop him from completing tests” — but the law firm representing his family told The Post that he never signed a form refusing treatment.

The release was provided to The Post and showed an officer’s signature on the line for the patient.

“After he was put on a stretcher and put in an ambulance for transport to the hospital for medical treatment, a CPD officer fraudulently signed a ‘Refusal to Transport’ form on Rhodes’ behalf so the officer could conduct a field sobriety test,” Ryan Julison with Bamberg Legal said Monday.

“The officer then ordered that Rhodes be removed from the stretcher, taken off the ambulance and transported to the police station rather than the hospital,” attorneys said.

Rhodes’ family alleges he had eight broken ribs, internal injuries and a ruptured liver while he was being booked. Surveillance footage from the police station showed the dad in distress.

“While at the station Rhodes complained that he was in severe pain,” the law firm said. “His pleas apparently weren’t taken seriously as video captured one of the EMT’s who was supposed to be caring for Rhodes doing a dance and commenting how he (the EMT) ‘looked good on camera.’ ”

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His loved ones claim the delay taking him to the hospital proved to be fatal.

“The family alleges that poisonous toxins could have been flooding his bloodstream while he sat at the police station,” attorneys said. “By the time Rhodes was actually transported to the hospital, it was too late.”

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Eduardo Guatemala February 27, 2019 at 2:33 pm

This is so stupid. It is amazing how they could not or did not want to recognize the signs.


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