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Man Lied About Being Stabbed Because ‘He Looked Like A Neo-Nazi’

Joshua Witt, 26, filed a police report in Sheridan, Colorado, claiming he was stabbed by an assailant who accused him of being a neo-Nazi. Witt initially told police a Black man had tried to stab him because he had a ‘haircut’ that was associated with white supremacists.

Witt told police he was accosted outside the Steak ‘n Shake restaurant and was stabbed in the hand as he tried to protect himself. The 26-year-old is a U.S. Navy boatswain’s mate stationed in San Diego.

Witt’s story started going viral days after white nationalists and neo-Nazis led a violent march through the University of Virginia’s campus in Charlottesville.

As the police began their investigation, they became skeptical of Witt’s story after reviewing area surveillance videos. The police department did not see anyone fleeing the area where Witt alleged the incident took place. The Sheridan police chief Mark Campbell said the area where the alleged incident took place is a very busy parking lot and “no one else called this in. No one heard him scream. No one saw any type of altercation. That was the first red flag.”

Police found a Black man who is a transient in the area that matched the description that Witt gave but quickly ruled him out as a suspect. After being confronted about his story not panning out, Witt confessed to fabricating his initial police report. He admitted to accidentally stabbing himself with a small knife he was seen on surveillance camera purchasing.

He is now being charged with filing a false police report, and faces a fine of up to $2,650 and up to one year in jail.

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