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Man Who Was Tased and Wrongfully Arrested After Florida Cops Mistook Sugar For Crack is Awarded $270,000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A Tallahassee man has been awarded $270,000 after a jury found the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) liable for his wrongful arrest in 2018.

In December 2018 Miles Evora was pulled over by deputies who claimed he rolled through a stop sign. Evora denied rolling through the stop sign but gave deputies permission to search his car. Deputy James Dills and a fellow deputy, Scott Littlefield, searched his car and found a white substance on the floorboard. They said a field test kit confirmed that it was crack.

Evora was arrested and charged with possessing crack cocaine. Charges against Evora were dropped a few months later after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed the substance was actually sugar frosting from a pastry.

“It was a flake of sugar, no bigger than the tip of a pen,” Evora said.

Evora’s attorneys said there were several issues with the field drug test the deputy performed, which the deputy said came back positive for cocaine.

“Not the least of which was there was never any photographic or video graphic evidence that the test actually existed,” attorney Ryan Molaghad said.

Evora sued LCSO last year, claiming deputies wrestled him to the ground and tased him twice during the arrest. At the time of the incident, LCSO did not yet have body cameras and the body camera footage from the TPD officer who arrived at the scene does not show the struggle between Deputy Dills and Evora, which Evora says resulted in him being tased. 

Evora’s civil suit contended deputies had no reason to detain him and no physical or photographic proof of that positive field test kit.

On Tuesday a jury found Deputy Dills did not have probable cause to restrain Evora. The jury decided Evora was entitled to $269,810 in damages.

LCSO sent the following statement to WCTV Tuesday evening:

“The Leon County Sheriff’s Office respects the jury’s verdict in this case. For now, no decision has been made regarding an appeal.”

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