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Mark Zuckerberg Sues Native Hawaiians To Secure Land For His Private Estate

Direct from Hawaii: The Fight for Land

Mark Zuckerberg sued Native Hawaiians to force them to sell their land. And it was all to secure his 700-acre island getaway.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

As the fifth richest human on Earth, Mark Zuckerberg flexes his financial muscle to get what he wants, no matter the cost!

As only a true capitalist can, Zuckerberg plunked down a measly $100 million of his staggering fortune to purchase 700-acres of land on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

A native of Kauai and a professor at the University of Hawaii, Kapua Sproat said of Zuckerberg, “This is the face of neocolonialism.”

In order to get control of the land owned by various native Hawaiians, Zuckerberg had his lawyers file several hundred lawsuits under a land grab called “quiet title” – which is a lawsuit to gain control of land that was handed-down without a deed or title.

Many of the native Hawaiians who live and own small slivers of land encompassed by Zuckerberg’s estate have had this land in their families for hundreds of years. The land provides a vegetable known as kalo, which many of the natives still depend on to provide them with vital nourishments.

These parcels of kuleana lands are considered sacred by the Hawaiians because many of their families have been buried on the land. So with development by Zuckerberg, many of those burial sites are being disturbed.

Lamenting the lost of Hawaiian land to wealthy malihini (newcomers), a Kauai city council member, Mason Chock said, “They’ve come in and purchased land and raised the value so much. Only people from abroad or outside Kauai can even afford to live in Kauai now.”

Zuckerberg initially tried to defend his use of lawsuits to lay claim to the land parcels surrounding his estate by stating, “the lawsuits were a good-faith effort to find all these partial owners so we can pay them their fair share.”

But after numerous people took to Facebook to protest the way he was gobbling up their land, Zuckerberg and his wife decided to drop all of their lawsuits, and said they wanted to work things out in an amicable manner.


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