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Former NFL Star, Marshawn Lynch, Debuts His Own Candy Bar – Beast Mode

After retiring from the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks at the height of his career, running back Marshawn Lynch has plunged into being a business mogul. Prior to his retirement, it was widely reported that Marshawn had saved every dollar of his NFL earnings and lived solely off the money from his endorsement deals. With an estimated $5 million or more in hand, Marshawn launched a clothing line under his BeastMode brand. In addition to his own clothing line, the BeastMode brand has partnered with Marshawn’s alma mater, the University of California, to unveil a co-branded line of college apparel. In addition to the clothing lines, Marshawn has now added another product line to his BeastMode brand and it’s a chocolate bar.

marshall-lynch-beast-modeIn a partnership with chocolate manufacturer Seattle Chocolates, Marshawn who is obsessed with candy, now has three chocolate bars of his own called, Mint Kookie ‘N Milk, P-Nut Butter Pretzel Bar, and Smore’s Bar ‘N Milk. Two of the candy bars have Marshawn’s catch phrases, “I’m Just Here So I Don’t Get Fined” and “I’m Just Bout That Action, Boss.”

Jeff Rubin, the CEO of IT’SUGAR, a company which has 100 retail locations and has partnered with BeastMode brand to market the candy bar, said “They came to us and told us they didn’t want the biggest chocolate bars, but like Marshawn, wanted to pack a punch.” The candy bars will be sold separately at IT’SUGAR locations and on the company’s website for $3.99 a piece, or in a three-pack for $11.99. A portion of the sales will go to “Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation,” which supports local youth charities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Did he write it himself? Looks like he did.

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