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Maurice Granton, Jr: Police Say He Had a Gun; Family Says He was Unarmed and Shot in the Back

The family of Maurice Granton, Jr are saying the reports released by Chicago PD regarding his shooting Wednesday night are false. According to statements given to the Chicago Tribune, police described the shooting to be “an armed encounter between the offender and police”. However, family members of Maurice are describing it as an execution. Saying the 24-year-old, father of two was shot in the back as he ran away from police.

Police also claim that Granton had a gun and pointed it at them before running, but Granton’s family has said the gun that was “recovered” did not belong to him.

“Since when does running validate somebody getting shot?” Joanna Varnado, Granton’s sister, asked rhetoricaly. “I don’t understand that. You’re not being offensive, you’re being defensive.”

“I just want to know what the real story is,” Varnado told the Tribune. “If it was misconduct, I want justice. My brother was 24 years old. He loved his girls. That’s all he lived for, was his kids.”

“We’ve had all kinds of police corruption, we’ve had police torture cases, but we’ve never had so many cases where there is clear evidence that police actually set people up for crimes they didn’t commit,” Marshall Hatch, a minister and activist in Chicago, told the AP on Sunday.

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Enoch Mubarak June 7, 2018 at 9:13 pm

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They have closed your schools, libraries, hospitals, body building gyms, taken away your guns, increased your prison time, rolled back your civil rights, revoked your right to be silent, foreclosed your homes, letting you rot with disease, moved trauma centers away from you, built penitentiaries for you, flooded the market with slave movies and shooting you dead on sight.

They are not going to let black people walk around in the 21 century ignorant, fighting and an embarrassment to yourself and everyone around you …… FORGET ABOUT IT… they are here to kill you.

Every race but the black race is allowed to own a gun and carry a gun. Laws have been interpreted to mean that the moment you so much as raise your voice out of irritation or frustration they are going to lynch you, imprison you or straight out shoot you dead.

Already from Illinois to Mississippi they are making, designing, discussing, implementing and enforcing laws, legislation, statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, codes of conduct and a strict zero tolerance enforcement against black people designed to push you into irritation, frustration and back into 1856 slavery in order to continue feeding the prison Industrial complex beast.

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King_011 June 8, 2018 at 1:00 am

I agree this is nothing new


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