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Metro Bus-Turned-Grocery Store Brings Fresh Food To Low Income Areas

A ‘food desert’ is defined as an area where it’s difficult to find fresh produce at an affordable price. The city of St. Louis has several low-income neighborhoods that fit this description. Residents in these places have little-to-no chance of finding fresh fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods at reasonable prices. Three young entrepreneurs, Jeremy Goss, Tej Azad, and Colin Dowling have teamed up to help eliminate some of these food deserts.

Together, they’ve converted an old bus that the city of St. Louis was no longer using and made it into a mobile fresh produce market. The bus is dubbed the “St. Louis MetroMarket”  and its being billed as “the area’s first mobile farmers’ market.” The bus is aiming to bring the health benefits and convenience of a farmers’ market to the heart of St. Louis’ food deserts. As seen here, the bus is definitely hard to miss and its filling a huge void that has existed for quite sometime.

Azad and Downing realized the need for access to fresh foods in their communities after graduating from Washington University. They teamed up with Jeremy Goss, a medical student in the area and together they decided to create something that has the ability to truly change peoples’ lives.

Inside the Metro bus, customers in low-income neighborhoods in St. Louis are able to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, canned goods, meat, and dairy at affordable prices.

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