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Missing Woman Found Dead Inside Car At Police Impound Lot

Questions still swirling over how a woman’s body wound up dead inside her car at a police impound lot. Police say they found 61-year-old Falyce Yuill’s body on April 1st.

Pastor Jonathan Bradford says Yuill was a 36-year member of Bethany Baptist Church. He says she was a woman of faith and loved her music.

“She loved to play the tambourine, making joyful music to the lord, ” Pastor Bradford said.

Bradford says when she didn’t show up to church or choir, they got worried, “We had a feeling something was wrong.”

Yuill’s family says a missing person’s report was filed on March 10th with Columbus Police. They received notice in the mail on April 1 that her car had been towed to the police impound lot. They say that notice revealed the car had been at the lot since March 15th, more than two weeks before police finally checked the vehicle.

When they did, they found Yuill’s body inside her car.

“There’s a lot of questions they have on the procedures of when towing a vehicle and why it took so long to find out that she was in the car, ” said Pastor Bradford.

A dispatcher for E & E Towing said that they are not allowed to search cars when towing.

A spokesperson for CPD said it’s the duty of the vehicle impound inspector to do an inventory.

And while no one is taking responsibility for how this happened, a family is grieving over the loss of their loved one.

“Last time I saw her she was as the choir practice, and she came in. She was in very good spirits, joyful like always,” Pastor Bradford said.

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Nathan Thompson April 11, 2019 at 12:48 am

My condolences and prayers for her and her family. We need some very obvious better towing policy. I wonder if she had passed out or had some sort of health related issue and the tow driver could have saved her…I find this whole story unbelievably sad.


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