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Mississippi Police Identify 2-Yr-Old Boy Abandoned at Goodwill Outlet, Arrest Suspect

Southaven Mississippi police say they have identified the 2-year-old boy left abandoned at a Goodwill donation outlet on Monday and arrested a suspect related to the case.

The toddler has been placed in protective custody; however the police did not release any information about charges or the identify the suspect.

“Southaven Police received numerous tips, and with the assistance of F.B.I. offices in both Mississippi, and Tennessee, along with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department a suspect related to this case was taken into custody in Memphis,” the department said.

According to police, they responded to a call from the Goodwill outlet around 9:30 a.m. regarding a child that had been left alone. The boy had a plastic bag that contained a note and a change of clothes.

Policed thanked the public for their help identifying the child.

“We would like to thank all of the citizens who showed concern for the child, rest assured he is well, and being taken care of and will be re-united with family when CPS determines this is proper,” the department said.

Goodwill released a statement saying, “The safety of the child is our top priority and we are very sorry to hear about the circumstances of this young child.”

“Upon knowing the child’s circumstances, we immediately reported the situation to police. Our security leaders are working closely with local authorities, including reviewing surveillance footage. At this time, the matter is an ongoing investigation with the police.”

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