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Mother Believes Her Son’s Organs Were Stolen After Being Killed By Police

On August 14, 2014, Cynthia Lane’s 19-year-old son, Roshad McIntosh was shot and killed by Chicago cops who were investigating reports of gang activity. A subsequent official inquiry concluded the shooting was justified under the Chicago police “use of force” policy because McIntosh refused to drop a gun he was holding, despite persistent calls by the officers.

But a year-long investigation by CNN reporter Rosa Flores raised serious questions about the case.
In Flores’ documentary, “Beneath the Skin,” aired last week, Flores found witnesses who cast doubt on many elements of the police account, including whether he was carrying a gun at all.

Roshad’s body had also been sliced open and sewn back together, causing his mother to believe that his organs may have been harvested while his body was in police custody.

Watch the full 3 Episodes of Beneath the Skin here –

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