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Mother Of Five Killed At Walgreens For Allegedly Shoplifting, Family Wants Justice; ‘She Didn’t Deserve To Be Executed’

Family members of Sircie Varnado want justice after the 46-year-old mother of five who was shot and killed at a Belmont Cragin Walgreens late Wednesday night.

Sircie Varnado was on her way to visit her boyfriend when she stopped at the store. Police say the Walgreens clerk suspected her of shoplifting and confronted her.

A source told CBS 2 that the employee called a friend for help. He showed up with a gun and, witnesses say, claimed to be a police officer. After confronting Varnado, words turned into wrestling, which turned into the man shooting Varnado in the head. He then ran off.

“She didn’t deserve to be executed like that. He could have just held her for the police. He didn’t have to shoot her in her face. She didn’t have no weapon,” said April Reed, Varnado’s sister.

Police have not said if anyone is in custody.

Walgreens has not responded to CBS 2’s request for comment Friday.

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JP Maurice December 5, 2019 at 12:45 am

Dear Black Family,
This is just part of a continuing genocidal WAR on / against people’s of color. Especially Black people , of course because we have the most color / Melanin. WE MUST ORGANIZE AND FIGHT BACK !!!! whites are godless insidious vermin swine , perverted gluttonous evil neanderthal cave monkey alien Invaders. That need to be violently exterminated for their genocide of ,at least 500 MILLION Black African Huemans. FIGHT BACK !!!!


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