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Myron Rolle’s Transition From The NFL To The Operating Room

There hasn’t been too many people fortunate enough to thumb their nose at a chance to sign a contract with an NFL team. One such person is Myron Rolle, who was ranked as the number one prospect entering the 2006 NFL draft coming out of college. Gifted with extreme athletic talent, Myron was highly sought after by numerous teams looking to add him to their roster.

With a guaranteed million dollar contract waiting to be signed, Myron decided to forego the NFL and accept a Rhodes scholarship to study medicine at Oxford University in England. He said, “I played football, but I didn’t want to be categorized as just a jock.” After studying at Oxford for one-year, he returned home and was promptly drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 2010 draft.

After a short stint with the Titans, he was released by the team at the start of the 2011 season. Myron was then signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers to a reserve/future contract but was then released before the start of the 2012 regular season.

Having to accept his football career was probably over, Myron said “I talked to my family, brothers and pastors asking them what they thought. I still received interest from a few teams, and it didn’t have to be over. Then I said to myself, ‘I can knock my head against the wall for 8-9 years or move on to medicine.’ I was leaving the game with no concussions and dexterity in both my hands, where I could be a neurosurgeon one day.”

Myron officially retired from the NFL in 2013 and then enrolled in medical school at Florida State University College of Medicine. He’s due to graduate with his medical doctorate degree in the Spring of 2017.

Looking back at his pro-football career, Myron said, “the NFL experience was amazing. I had a chance to play alongside some of the best athletes in the world. Only two other people can say that they were a Rhodes Scholar and an NFL player (Pat Haden and Byron White). I look back and say, ‘I got to the league, I got drafted.’” 

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