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Newly Disclosed Surveillance Video Shows Mike Brown Didn’t Rob Store Before He Was Killed

In a stunning new documentary, ‘Stranger Fruit’, film maker Jason Pollock uncovers an unreleased video that shows Michael Brown was at the same convenience store he was accused of robbing, just 11 hours earlier. The new video shows Brown arriving at the store around 1:13 AM on August 9, 2014 in a car with others inside the vehicle.

Brown is seen on camera entering Ferguson Market and Liquor, and walking to the back. He then returns and stops at the register. The video shows him handing something over to the three men behind the counter. The men behind the counter start to sniff and pass the small package amongst each other. After examining what they were given, they proceed to give Brown two large boxes of cigarillos.

Brown now has the two boxes inside a plastic bag and proceeds to walk towards the exit. He abruptly stops and returns toward the counter. He then hands the plastic bag with the two boxes of cigarillos back to the three employees and they appear to be ‘holding’ the boxes for Brown.

While the St. Louis county police department was well aware of this video and the transaction that took place between Brown and the store’s employees; they chose to release only the security video from approximately 12 PM that showed Brown shove a store employee and take the bag with the two boxes he was previously given hours before. Apparently the store clerk that was pushed or someone else in the store, called the police and reported Brown as having robbed the store.

Minutes later, an altercation of some kind took place between Brown and responding police office Darren Wilson, and Brown was shot dead in the street. Wilson alleged that Brown assaulted him and that he feared for his life, and that was the reason he used deadly force against the teenager. Wilson was subsequently cleared of Brown’s killing by federal civil rights investigators and a county grand jury.

Michael Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, questions why only the video of her son shoving the store clerk was released and not the other video that showed a mutual transaction had taken place earlier in the store.

The documentary film maker, Jason Pollock said, “They destroyed Michael’s character with the tape, and they didn’t show us what actually happened. So this shows their intention to make him look bad. And shows suppression of evidence.” Pollock spent over two years in Ferguson talking to people and doing research for his documentary. His film, which was previewed at the South by Southwest conference and festival in Austin, TX, looks at the death of Brown from his family’s perspective.

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Newly Disclosed Surveillance Video Shows Mike Brown Didn’t Rob Store Before He Was Killed – Counter Current News March 16, 2017 at 12:10 pm

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