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Man Gets 3 Years In Jail For Making Death Threat And Using Racial Slurs Against Black Neighbors

Glenn Miller, 59, of Union Township, NJ was sentenced to three years in jail for making racially charged threats – including at least one death threat, against his neighbors. The situation started on March 3, 2017, after Miller’s neighbors called the police to report that he had parked his truck on the grass divider between the curb and sidewalk directly in front of their home.

When the police arrived, they ticketed Miller for a traffic violation. Following the first incident, the police were summoned again on March 7 by Miller’s neighbors, a Black couple, because he parked his truck the same way again in front of their home.

On the second occasion, Miller was confronted by the couple and township police officer Chris Scudeiri. This is when Miller erupted, and directed numerous expletives and racial slurs at the victims. At one point, he threatened to kill the husband and sexually assault his wife.

After the March 7 incident, Miller was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. While he was initially released, he was arrested again later in the month on bias charges.

At some point during the two altercations, Miller threateningly told his neighbors, “You don’t belong here. I’m going to get my Aryan brothers.” In New Jersey, a person is guilty of bias intimidation for threats to commit crimes with the purpose of intimidating people because of their race, color, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Prior to his sentencing by Superior Court Judge John Deitch, Miller apologized to the victims in a brief statement and was ordered to have no future contact with the couple.

Union County Assistant Prosecutor Barnes, head of the prosecutor’s Bias Crimes Unit said, “This was an attempt to terrorize people based on their race.

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