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No Charges for Father & Son Who Chased Down & Fatally Shot Black Man Jogging

When retired district attorney investigator Greg McMichael saw Ahmaud Arbery running down the street in a suburban Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood on the afternoon of Feb. 23, he alerted his adult son and both men grabbed their guns.

According to a Glynn County police report, McMichael believed Arbery was a man he suspected of a burglary in the area.

McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, jumped in their truck and went after Arbery. The chase ended a block away when Travis fired his shotgun twice shooting Arbery. Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, 25, died on the spot, “bleeding out” in a matter of minutes, the police report said.

The McMichael’s told police that Arbery was trying to take the gun from them and was shot during the struggle but friends and family of Arbery don’t believe their story.

Residents in the area said there had been recent break-ins in the neighborhood and that Sunday afternoon, they say the saw Arbery at a home that was under construction.

People who know Arbery, like his former football coach Jason Vaughn, said he was not running because he was committing a crime, but rather because it’s what he loved to do.

“When I heard that report, I was furious, angry. What’s going on in my community?” Vaughn said.

The police report does not say if Arbery had a weapon on him or if he was a suspect in any break-ins.

In the two months since this happened, no charges have been filed.

It’s important to note that Greg McMichael was a Glynn County police officer for seven years before he became an investigator for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office.

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Mariah July 6, 2022 at 5:04 pm

NO CHARGES?! UNBELIEVEABLE! Just goes to show – white privilege and no value on Black life. What a travesty! Shame on those responsible for the ruling!


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