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No Charges For Florida Day Care After 2-Month Old Baby Drowns In Mop Bucket

Perry, FL. – A family in Florida is demanding justice after their infant daughter died at a daycare center.

Two-month old Jersi McNight died on her first day of care at the Hugger Family Daycare in Perry, Florida. The child had allegedly been left unattended on a changing table and somehow scooted off, falling into a nearby mop bucket and drowning. 

”I just assumed she was in good care,” said Martasha Robinson, Jersi McNight’s mother.

Robinson told WCTV that she dropped her daughter off just before 8 a.m. on Aug. 9, 2021. At around 3:30 p.m. she got a hysterical call from the mother of another child there.

Something had happened to one of the children.

“My heart stopped,” Robinson said.

When Robinson arrived at the daycare, she says she was greeted by a police officer at the door. She would later learn what state records insinuated happened to her daughter.

In a 10-8 decision, a grand jury recently decided not to indict the daycare owner on criminal charges which has left the infant’s family upset and in shock.

“It’s neglect all day,” Jonathan McKnight, the father, said.

“That alone — leaving her — is just negligence,” Robinson said.

According to WCTV, state records show the daycare had been cited as “non-compliant” on not one but two different occasions, including a violation reported about five weeks before Jersi’s death. That violation was for having seven children under 3 years old, which is more than allowed by Florida law.

Jeris mother and father said they weren’t aware of the violations until it was too late.

“I need some answers. I need some answers,” McKnight said. “She won’t be forgotten. Justice will be served.”

The family says they have hired an attorney for a civil suit.

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