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No Charges for Mom Who Homeschooled Kids

A judge dropped the criminal charges against the mom at the center of a homeschooling battle that got national attention.

Kiarre Harris’ attorney said criminal contempt and obstruction charges were dropped this week, and he and his client are now focused on having a neglect petition dismissed in family court.

Harris made headlines back in February after she was arrested and her kids were taken from her when she took them out of Buffalo Public Schools to homeschool them.

There’s still Child Protective Services (CPS) and family court oversight while the case involving the neglect petition plays out.

Attorney Matthew Albert said once the family court issue is resolved, he plans to file a civil suit against Buffalo Public Schools, Buffalo Police, and CPS.

“My client has been persecuted, so just as anyone else who has been wrongfully persecuted, she has rights.  We intend to hopefully – it’s a one step at a time process – she’s been violated by many different systems in many different ways, so we have to keep doing what we’re doing and remove one hurdle at a time,” said Albert.

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Angela Briggs February 5, 2019 at 9:48 pm

A waste of time and resources.. …People need to do there jobs correctly…..

Doc February 9, 2019 at 9:22 am

We need an update!! They put those loved children in thee system (kidnapping?!) away from their home and mother for 3 weeks!! Wow. Shame! I hope her attorneys go hard for this one! Sooo many people home school!! Black white and other!!!


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