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Off-Duty Chicago Cop Kills Black Man Leaving Funeral Service

A 25-year-old Indianapolis man, Joshua Beal, was killed by an off-duty police officer in the Mount Greenwood section of Chicago on Saturday afternoon. Police officials are claiming it was a road rage incident involving a family that had just left a cemetery following the burial of a family member. Although it’s very early after the incident occurred, police sources claim two off-duty officers fired their weapons after an altercation took place not far from the Mount Hope Cemetery. The incident started outside a fire station in the 3100 block of West 111th Street, after an off-duty firefighter complained that the funeral procession was blocking the fire lane.

Hours after the shooting, Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson, stated that someone in a nearby business witnessed the altercation and called the police. It’s alleged that the individual who was shot had a firearm, according to what Johnson told reporters. But at least one member of Mr. Beal’s family said that he was licensed to carry a fireman and he never fired the weapon. Investigators issued a statement late Saturday that they would be testing the gun that Mr. Beal had to see if it had been fired.

Joshua Beal is a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, and was in Chicago for his cousin’s funeral. According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Mr. Beal was taken to Christ Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 3:44 p.m. on Saturday. Mr. Beal’s sister and a witness who’s unrelated to the family, gave very different versions of what occurred from those given by police officials. According to his sister, Cordney Boxley, Joshua and other family members were in a funeral procession, when an off-duty cop in an unmarked car, attempted to run their 17-year-old sister off the road.

Mourners in the funeral procession pulled him over, to ask what he was doing. The cop responded by pushing one of their female relatives to the ground and pointing his gun in her face, according to Boxley. She said after her female cousin was assaulted, her male relatives initially ran over to see what the altercation was. Boxley said that’s when the off-duty cop got out of his car and started shooting Beal. The officer went over to the passenger’s side of the car where Beal was sitting, dragged him out the car and continued shooting Beal until his entire clip was empty. The family said a second police officer attempted to revive Mr. Beal after he was shot. A female witness to the shooting said the officer who shot Mr. Beal was in a vehicle when he fired. The woman took two videos of the shooting, and almost a dozen gunshots can be heard on the recording.

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