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One Thousand Seattle Teachers To Wear Black Lives Matter T-Shirts For A Week

In order to raise awareness of racial injustice within the Seattle public school system, 1,000 teachers in the school system plan to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts every day next week according to news reports. Teachers throughout the school district are being asked to present lessons on race relations through the week of protest. In order to help teachers stimulate discussions, the group leading the protest is offering resources to teachers.

One of the teachers from the Seattle area, Sarah Arvey, told the local Fox News station that it’s imperative know this country’s history of racial injustice.

“When we’re silent, we close off dialogue, and we close the opportunity to learn and grow from each other,” Ms. Arvey stated.

The Seattle school district issued the following statement to the Seattle Times:

“We respect our teachers’ rights and desire to express themselves. While T-shirts are a visual, we hope the message inspires people to do the work to eliminate opportunity gaps.”

According to the Seattle Times, one major focus of the demonstration is the racial disparities in the way students are disciplined. The newspaper stated that Black students are suspended at a much higher rate than students of other racial groups.

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