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Patti LaBelle Debuts Four New Desserts

Hoping to follow-up on the success of her sweet potato pies sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, Patti LaBelle is expanding her personal recipe-based product line to include four new desserts. The new offerings are Patti’s Good Life Peach Cobbler, Patti’s Good Life Berry Cobbler, Patti’s Good Life Apple Cobbler, and Patti’s Good Life Apple Pecan Cake. The cakes and pies are all pre-baked, and just have to be warmed up in an oven.

Although her pies were selling quite well, thanks to a Patti super-fan James Wright posting a viral video of himself signing the praises of her sweet potato pie to YouTube, the sale of her pies skyrocketed. After Mr. Wright’s video received over 8 million views, the vice president for bakery and deli at Wal-Mart, Kerry Robinson, said “we are working very hard with our supplier to try and produce more product. We’re in the process of securing another 2 million pounds of sweet potatoes.” With the huge influx of sales, Ms. LaBelle and Wal-Mart decided to enter into a new partnership to sell more of her personal recipe desserts.

In anticipation of high sales for the new desserts, Wal-Mart is producing a large amount of Patti’s cobblers and says that the new peach cobbler pie has already used more than 6.4 million pounds of peaches. When asked what made her desserts so enticing, Ms. LaBelle said, “I’ve been cooking for most of my life. As you’re standing in the kitchen and you think of certain ingredients, you just put them in — sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.”


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