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Police Department Investigating After Video Shows Cop Punching Homeless Man in the Face More Than A Dozen Times

Louisville Metro Police Department has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest of a homeless man at the PNC Plaza in downtown Louisville, KY.

The incident took place just before 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday. Police were called to the parking garage of the plaza after someone reported that a man was harassing people and causing a disturbance. 

Officers say when they arrived they found security holding 29-year-old Foussene Pemba. According to police, the security guards then told them they tried to escort Pemba off the property, but he became combative and they were not able to remove him.

Police say when the attempted to put handcuffs on Pemba he “refused to follow instructions to put his hands behind his back.” According to the arrest report, officers then took Pemba to the ground, where he continued to fight for about one minute. 

Police then tried to tase Pemba when he refused to follow directions. 

At that point, police say Pemba hit one of the officers in the face, cutting him over his left eye. That officer then hit Pemba with an “…empty hand to attempt to gain compliance.” Pemba was eventually handcuffed and “hobbled.”

After being restrained, Pemba allegedly bit one officer in the “right hand area,” and bit another officer in the “right thigh/groin area.” He then grabbed that officer’s penis, according to the report.

The cell phone video of the encounter shows a police officer repeatedly punching Pemba in the face and telling him to “turn over”.

LMPD released a statement saying it’s investigating the incident.

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renea s edwards February 13, 2020 at 2:04 pm

You punching him while telling him to turn over however your big self and another person are on top of him… it’s like telling someone to stop moving while you beating them… I would bite punch kick scream and all the above if I was in this situation as well. If you beating me and telling me to turn over when there is no way possible I can, then who knows what you will do when I have complied with all YALL on top of me…I’m fighting for my life… the natural thing for most when in a situation such as this…

JP Maurice February 13, 2020 at 9:47 pm

First of all. I guarantee you , the police LIED ! On their police report. Because that’s what the police do. Historically , currently , and continue to LIE , in there police reports regarding BLACK People. It’s a very known MO of the police to LIE on their police reports about Black People. WE KNOW THIS !!
The police/ law enforcement has members of the KKK , neo Nazi , and white supremacists, serial killers and serial rapist among their ranks and employ. FACTS !!!!
This particular racist pig , needs to be dragged out by the BLACK Community, severely beaten , lynched , and his house burned down ! What !?
This is not equal protection under the law !
It’s government , state sanctioned apartheid white racist ” lawlessness”, chaos not order !!


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