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Police Find Dozens of Bodies In U-Haul Trucks Outside NYC Funeral Home

Police in New York discovered two U-Haul trucks with between 40 to 60 dead bodies stored inside at a funeral home in Brooklyn. According to law enforcement sources, bodies were also found lying on the facility’s floor.

The horrific scene was uncovered at Andrew Cleckley Funeral Services by police on Wednesday after neighbors of the funeral home reported a foul odor coming from the property.  

NYPD along with several other city agencies closed off the street the funeral home is located on to investigate the trucks.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said the department is actively investigating the matter, but couldn’t make any further comment.

According to police sources, the facility was also storing bodies in two refrigerated trucks, in addition to the two unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks. The funeral home also had a box truck that was loaded with empty caskets.

Sources told The Post, that the funeral home told officers the bodies were supposed to be going to a crematorium but they didn’t come and pick them up.

John DiPietro, who owns a neighboring property, said he had observed cadavers being stored in the trucks for at least several weeks during the coronavirus pandemic.

“You don’t respect the dead that way. That could have been my father, my brother,” said DiPietro.

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