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Popular Houston DJ Dies After She Falls From an Apartment Balcony

In the early hours of July 4, an up-and-coming Houston, Texas DJ fell four stories from the balcony of her girlfriend’s high-rise apartment building.

Houston police said 23-year-old Darian Lewis, also known as DJ D Baby, fell from the balcony on the building’s 13th floor down to the 9th floor pool deck. She was rushed to the hospital where she died nine days later. 

The only person with Lewis on the balcony that morning was her girlfriend, Nishia Jackson. Jackson said she watched Lewis climb on a patio chair and fall over the railing. 

Jackson took to social media just prior to the announcement of Lewis’ death, writing that she’s been silent “out of respect for D, watching so many of you turn this tragedy into something it’s not.”

According to Jackson, Lewis, who usually “barely drank,” had been intoxicated that night. After being dropped off at Jackson’s apartment by an “associate,” Lewis rushed out to the patio when she was told she couldn’t drive herself home, Jackson said. The DJ then allegedly climbed up on the chair and “fell over before I could save her,” according to Jackson.

“I’m aware there are a lot of rumors going around & they’re all very disheartening,” Jackson wrote. “We were far from perfect. We had issues like most however, I would never hurt her whom I love, nor anyone in such a manner.” She added that she’d been “devastated” by similar gossip that Lewis had been trying to hurt herself.

“There’s no way I could have pushed her over” the edge, Jackson wrote in a Facebook post, claiming her girlfriend “was only able to get over because she climbed on to the furniture.”

“I would have literally had to pick her up & throw her over which is absolutely absurd!” Jackson continued. “WE WERE NOT FIGHTING!”

The incident is still under investigation, but all the evidence points to it being an unfortunate accident, police said.

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