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Pro-Cannabis Doctor, Who Fought Against Big Pharma, Found Dead at Home

A holistic doctor who was an advocate of cannabis as a medical treatment has been found dead.

Popular and well-known former Miss Universe contestant Sonya Kay Forbes was found dead at her Cunningham Avenue, St. Andrew home, and the autopsy revealed the cause of death was a stab wound to the abdomen.

Dr. Forbes, 40 was known for being in support of using cannabis to treat and cure medical conditions, she was currently working on a groundbreaking study which was using cannabis to help people suffering from long term eye problems.

Dr. Forbes is just the latest in a long line of holistic doctors who have been found dead at home in mysterious circumstances.

The pressures of being a holistic doctor in a world led by Big Pharma are huge. To go against the status quo in terms of healthcare is a dangerous move, and many holistic doctors have talked about the pressures and threats from the mainstream pharmaceutical industry.

Marijuana in particular is one of the newest types of alternative drugs that holistic doctors such as Forbes have been promoting, and Big Pharma don’t like it.

Despite being legalized in around half of all U.S states now, heavy sanctions on the marijuana industry prove just how unsure and still wary the government are about letting people enjoy the benefits of this wonderful drug.

The close ties that Big Pharma share with the government due to billions of dollars of lobby money given each year means that one does not operate without the approval of the other.

Naturally, anyone who is an enemy of Big Pharma makes themselves an enemy of the government and vice versa.


Dr. Forbes was a former resident at Kingston Public Hospital and dedicated her life to spreading the message about how more people should be choosing alternative therapies such as marijuana instead of Big Pharma’s chemical drugs.

After the recent holistic doctor deaths, friends and family of Dr. Forbes say that she had made a point of telling them that she was ‘not suicidal’.

RJR News reported that investigators have said that Dr. Forbes died of a single stab wound to the stomach, and they have declined to say whether the wound was self inflicted or not.

Dr. Forbes was a well known public figure in her area and aside from her medical background, was also known for her former beauty queen days, when she participated in the Miss Jamaica World contest in 1999.

Via Eco News Media

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