Project Gentlemen Gives 300 Young Men New Suits And Helps Prepare Them For Business World

This past Saturday (May 14, 2016), was the first ever “Project Gentlemen” – an all day event to prepare young men for the world.

Chicago area high school students who attended this event, received guidance on how to avoid the traps and pitfalls of violence, and how to succeed in business. Three hundred graduating seniors from the Chicago area, took home clothes donated by local businessmen, as well as career advice and lessons on grooming and etiquette.

“We tell the young men it’s not about the outer garments you wear, but you do want to take pride in your appearance. Because that appearance can get you in doors and also get doors closed in your face,” said Jermaine Lawrence Anderson, a founder of Project Gentlemen.

(Source: ABC 7 Chicago)

The attendees of the event, were encouraged by a motivational speech delivered by the vice-president of Walgreens, who told the crowd everyone starts above zero. And if you act the part and dress the part, dreams can become reality.

According to the organization’s website, they are, “…an organization committed to the development of young men and the rebuilding of men in minority communities across the United States of America.”

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