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Public Outraged Over Breonna Taylor Case: 1 Officer Indicted for Endangering Neighbors

People in Louisville, Kentucky, and across the country are outraged after a Kentucky grand jury indicted only one of the three officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

Officer Brett Hankison was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment for allegedly endangering the neighbors of Breonna Taylor during the police shooting that killed her.

The neighboring apartment had three people inside, thus the three charges against Hankinson, said Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

The other officers involved in Taylor’s death were not charged.

Taylor family attorney Ben Crump tweeted Wednesday, “NOTHING for the murder of Breonna Taylor. This is outrageous and offensive!”

“If Brett Hankison’s behavior was wanton endangerment to people in neighboring apartments, then it should have been wanton endangerment in Breonna Taylor’s apartment too. In fact, it should have been ruled wanton murder!” he wrote.

On the streets of Louisville, after the sole indictment was announced, some wept, some chanted and some marched.

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