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Retired Cop Reveals How NYPD Forced Officers to Arrest Black & Latino Men

According to new court papers, retired NYPD officer, Pierre Maximilien, claims that cops in his former bureau were awarded more overtime if they arrested black men. 

Maximilien alleges that officers in Coney Island’s Transit District 34 were told to avoid whites, Asians and Jewish people (referred to as “soft targets”) and instead focus on Blacks and Hispanics while patrolling the subways.

He also claims that his former commanding officer, Constantin Tsachas, enforced the policies and punished Black and Hispanic officers who didn’t comply. Tsachas is currently the second-highest-ranking transit officer in Brooklyn.

“We were taught by Tsachas’ closest lieutenants that we could not give summons to what they called … ‘soft targets,’ ” reads Maximilien’s sworn affidavit. “Instead, it was emphasized that we needed to stop male blacks. Those were the ones Tsachas wanted to go to jail.”

Maximilien’s allegations are part of an ongoing Manhattan federal-court lawsuit brought by NYPD Sgt. Edreweene Raymond and three others who claim police brass retaliated after they spoke up between 2011 and 2015 about a racist quota system governing ticketing and arrests.

Other officers back up the allegations in their own declarations, with cop Aaron Diaz claiming that Tsachas told him “You should write up more black and Hispanic people,” and policeman Daniel Perez saying he was scolded for “stopping too many Russian and Chinese.”

Maximilien, who retired in 2015, says white officers who didn’t follow the orders would “get a pass,” while officers of color were punished.

“The supervisors would place the minority officers in punishment posts by ourselves, deny vacation or leave, deny us overtime, change our shifts, give us bogus command disciplines, yell at us in roll call, and give us poor evaluations,” he wrote.

The NYPD declined to comment, citing pending litigation.

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Retired Cop Reveals How NYPD Forced Officers to Arrest Black & Latino Men | Lokol Buzz December 10, 2019 at 11:02 am

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Hucil George. December 10, 2019 at 11:05 am

I shall always maintain that blacks brought this kind of treatment on themselves because their is no unity among them.In all countries where their is a minority :that minority stick together and look out for one another :but not so in the US.I live in Trinidad and Tobago,and all the minorities,Chinese,Syrians ,and French Creoles (half blacks ) look out for one another :but blacks do not.As a matter of fact ,blacks are used by others to carryout murders.If a member of a minority wishes to kill someone ,he hires a black killer.

S Drake December 10, 2019 at 1:32 pm

Blacks in this country are different in this country than others, because of the enslavement of body and mind, that still lingers
to this day. Most of us blacks in the U S are in unity to an extent, but there are systemic obstacles that we face that no others have to go through. Brainwashing through various means, non stop oppression through economic, and every other way. Like Oprah said once to the effect, “Just the emotional weight of being a black person. ” All those other races that come here have their traditional culture, their language, their own way of worshiping, etc. All of this was taken from blacks enslaved and brought here. There is a reason for their divisiness, really study their real history. They have never had closure, and it looks bleak because its ok to brutalize, rape, burn them, shoot them because of their skin color they have less overall value and this from a christian nation.

renea s edwards December 11, 2019 at 12:23 pm

You know this might be true, however, the mere fact that he waited until after retirement…(which is 20 years or more in most sectors) his/ their truths just don’t sit well with me. the year 2011 was just 8 years ago…………your retired and I know it just hadn’t just started Do you know how many have suffered in this ONE borough in NEW YORK ALONE! This is a saying created for ones like this “you would cut off your nose to spite your face” in other words, you turned your back against your own people to save yourself in a position YOU knew was wrong, and with that… you are just as guilty. Yes, they say trust no one and I agree, however, I would’ve been an anonymous writing, telephone calling, pigeon sending sneak for my people alone but everyone overall… so I’m sorry it might be harsh, however, I think that most have unclean hands in this…and yes this is my opinion.

Toni December 16, 2019 at 6:24 am

He spoke up as a result of a federal lawsuit re the same issue. If u aren’t in law enforcement or the military, u wouldn’t understand why he was unable to speak up sooner. Had he spoken up sooner, he likely would have been harmed because speaking up. Speaking up would have meant he wasn’t loyal. No loyalty = no back up, etc..


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