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San Antonio Cop Mistakes Cell Phone For Gun And Kills Unarmed Black Man

A police officer is on administrative duty in San Antonio following a shooting on the north side of the city that left a man dead in an apartment complex parking lot Thursday evening. The man was identified as 36 year old Antoine Scott. He was wanted on 2 felony warrants for gun and drug possession, according to police.

Police officer John Lee was called in by an undercover detective who had been tracking Scott to make the arrest. Lee pulled up to Scott’s car just as he was getting out. The officer shouted to Scott to show him his hands, then fired 1 round into Scott’s torso.

Lee told investigators Scott spun around quickly and he thought he saw a gun in the man’s hand. The “gun” turned out to be Scott’s cell phone.

SAPD’s Chief William McManus said the shot came almost immediately. McManus also said video from the officer’s dash cam did not record the shooting because of the way the officer’s car was positioned. Officers in the precinct have not yet been given body cameras. There is audio of the incident according to Reuters.

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    • Yea your right, we wont get murdered. Not because we are white but because blacks have a history of violence. Look at the jails. They are full of blacks. Im not racist. Im just staing the facts. Blacks kill black more than the cops do. Why are you complaining about that? You should be verbally attacking each other not cops

  3. Wow guys.. Take a deep breath…Some mighty mean words being flung around when there is no need for it. This is a sad story, let’s remember there are good people and bad people in all walks of life. You cannot judge any group of people based on the actions of one person. Its 2016, stop talking like this.

    • Sarah you are correct that evil comes in all shades but as you can see how quickly racist trolls like John rear their ugly heads. If this sub human John had the ability to read and comprehend, he would’ve realized I spoke specifically about this incident and the numerous ones that have occurred the same way. What is even more scary is that John probably patrols the streets of some city in America in his blue uniform all while taking home a hefty tax payer funded check paid for by working class people.

      • Who said I was a cop? You see how you people get all upset and aggressive? And you wonder why the cops blow you away. Because you act like fucking animals. Try being a fuckin human with some sense and maybe you wont get shot. This guy was a criminal. Read the article. He had warrants. If he wasnt a criminal hed be alive right now.

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