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School Guard Fired For Using Excessive Force on 6-Yr-Old Kindergartner

An elementary school security guard in Canton, Ohio has been fired from his job after allegedly using excessive force on a 6-year-old student. 

Kaeyona Wilkin’s mother, Keshia Wilkins, says her daughter suddenly began throwing up in the car as they were driving home from school. When asked what was wrong, the kindergarten told her mother her stomach was still hurting.

“She said, ‘My stomach still hurts.’ I said ‘What do you mean it still hurts?’ And she said, ‘The man hurt me,'” Keshia said. “’He threw me into the wall mommy.'”

Immediately Kaeyona’s father, Quan Wilkins, left work and the couple took their daughter to the hospital. Doctors at the hospital confirmed the child’s injuries and said they were consistent with her story.

Now, the little girl’s parents also want him charged with assault.

“I don’t want to ever see that happen again anybody else’s daughter,” Quan Wilkins said.

“Her arms were red. She had bruising on her arms and her abdomen was sore,” Keshia said. “He grabbed her like a sack of potatoes.”

On Monday, the Canton City school board voted to fire the guard accused of hurting Kaeyona. Shawn T. Poole, a school resource assistant for the district since 2017, was fired for malfeasance of duty. Poole’s termination is retroactive to Feb. 4. Poole, 45, had been suspended since Jan. 22.

According to Poole’s termination letter, the district’s investigation found Poole used excessive force on Jan. 21 when he tried to stop Kaeyona from running out of the school’s cafeteria.

The kindergartner’s mom said she would never run outside. She was in timeout in the cafeteria and was trying to go to the gym for recess with her friends. Regardless, the parents said nothing justifies that level of aggression.

Multiple employees who witnessed the incident are documented saying that the guard was “yelling and rough-handling” Kaeyona. They reported seeing the 6-year-old “scared and shaking” with red marks on her body afterward.

The director of safety and security with Canton schools stated the guard’s actions violated proper procedures and guidelines and went directly against his training.

The Wilkins want Poole criminally charged with assault and Canton police are investigating.

“I feel charges need to be pressed,” Quan said. “This is my daughter at the end of the day who is going to speak for her?”

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