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Son Charged With Assault, Mom Fired After They Interrogate and Call Cops on Black Worker

Nashville, Tenn. – A white man accused of racially profiling a Black parking attendant has been charged with assault after a video of their altercation went viral on social media.

In the video, Edward Brennan, 27, can be seen taking a swing at Johnny Martinez after he declined to show Brennan and his mother identification.

Martinez, who works for a tow truck company contracted by the apartment building, told The Daily Beast that he was checking cars for permits in the garage on the night of Nov. 27 when he noticed the mother and son monitoring him.

“As I was doing my rounds…I noticed people watching me,” he explained.

Martinez explained that he attempted to avoid the duo, until Brennan’s mother – later identified as Bitsy Brennan – allegedly told him “you don’t belong here.”

The video starts with the duo asking Martinez what’s his job and why is he in the building. As the interrogation continues and Martinez continues to refuse to show his identification, Brennan becomes angry and can be seen taking a swing at Martinez.

Martinez told The Daily Beast that the swing knocked a bottle opener off his keychain. He says when he went to pick it up, Brennan allegedly tried to attack him again.

“When he attacked me, he swung, he almost hit me in the face,” Martinez said. “He broke this bottle opener off of my keys. When I went to go pick it up, he lunged.”

Bitsy then calls 911 on Martinez, telling the operator that the man was being “nasty” towards them and that they were trying to figure out why he was in the parking lot.

“After the encounter I waited at the property about 40 minutes for Metro PD where I filed a police report and will be pressing charges,” Martinez wrote in the caption of the YouTube video he posted. “The Karen had also called the police and conveniently left out the fact her son assaulted me.”

Martinez said he works for a tow truck company with hundreds of contracts with properties across Nashville. His job is to ensure vehicles at those properties have the proper permits to park there.

He told The Daily Beast that he feels it’s normal for people to be curious about what he’s doing while checking cars. But says when the duo first approached him, he had his ID hanging from his neck. According to a caption on the Youtube video of the encounter, Martinez believes the two just wanted to demean him by telling him he didn’t belong in the building and trying to force him to show them ID.

Since the altercation, Edward Brennan has been served with an arrest warrant and charged with assault. His mother Bitsy Brennan, who was recently listed as a wealth management associate at a UBS division, is ‘no longer employed’ there, the company said.

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