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We Stand With Kaepernick! Join The NFL Boycott

By now, most people know the story of how Colin Kaepernick has been shut out by the NFL because he kneeled for the national anthem in protest of racial injustices.

Kaepernick put his career on the line, and lost millions of dollars in salary and endorsements, to make a symbolic statement for the Black Community. He didn’t take a knee for himself, he took a knee for the injustices the Black Community as a collective continues to face. Now he is paying the price for this, by being looked over for a position in the NFL. If we can’t come together as a community and do something as simple as not watching football games, we are truly lost. It’s time to stop complaining about the lack of respect we are given by these corporations that we support and start taking action! We need to show the National Football League, its executives, its constituents, and its advertisers that we stand together on this issue and we refuse to support their organization until something changes!

Can We Make A Difference?

We definitely can! According to the NFL’s 2015 GWI (Glocal Web Index) Audience Report, the biggest fans of the NFL are Black/African Americans; nearly three-quarters of whom are following NFL games in some form.

If we threaten and follow through by not watching these games, the financial impact on the NFL corporation would be huge.

Here Is How We Will Do It

In order to make an impact, we need numbers. We need to show the NFL that we are unified and many. There is a Group on (Black Junction is a Black Owned and operated social media site for the Black community) called “NFL Boycott“. Join the group, leave a comment and pledge your support to boycott the NFL. Boycotting means we will not purchase ANY NFL products (jerseys, hats, tickets, tv packages, etc) or watch any NFL games, unless Collin Kaepernick is treated fairly. There are memes and images you can download in that group to post on your other social media accounts. Post these images, hashtag #NFLBoycott, @ the NFL and @ Collin Kaepernick. The goal is to make this go viral. When the NFL and its advertisers see a group with hundreds of thousands of people saying they will not watch one single game or purchase any NFL products this coming season, they will understand that we are united and are taking a stand!

Let’s make this go viral! Share this article and the link to the group ( with your friends and family, and use the hashtag #NFLBoycott. Let’s use our power to come together and show that we are a community. It cost nothing to pledge your support and only takes a few minutes to join the group on and share the group link.

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