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Stephon Marbury’s Affordable Sneaker Line is Available Again

Former NBA star, Stephon Marbury, who’s signature sneakers, Starbury, will soon return to US retail stores for $14.98. The former Knicks point guard has signed a deal with Citi Trends to sell his affordable sneakers in its 545 stores starting this month.

The low-price chain that’s headquartered in Savannah, Ga., is the first retailer to carry the brand since 2008. The sneakers were previously sold at Steve & Barry’s but that company has since gone bankrupt.

The CFO of Starbury Corp., Gustavus Bass said, “His (Marbury) basketball career is coming to an end and we are looking to reintroduce the brand in the US.”

With his final season coming to an end in China, where he’s played since 2010, Marbury has now refocused his attention to his Starbury brand. The company will debut an e-commerce site in October and Marbury is planning to open a flagship store in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn where he grew-up. He’s also anticipating opening a second store in Beijing, where he’s been a megastar.

The Starbury line was launched in 2006 as an alternative to Nike’s ultra-expensive Air Jordan brand. The original $14.98 Starbury will get some slightly higher priced siblings, up to $60.

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