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Stevie Wonder Releases Two New Songs and Gives Update on His Health

Stevie Wonder released to new songs Tuesday with the launch of his new record label, So What the Fuss Records.

The songs titled, “Where Is Our Love Song” and “Can’t Put It In the Hands of Fate,” reflect the current times and, he hopes, will inspire change.

In a virtual press conference held by the 70-year-old music icon, he announced the release of his new music. The two songs were marketed and distributed by Republic Records, which is part of Universal Music Group. The move marks a break from Wonder’s nearly 60-year career with Motown.

“Even though I have left Motown, I never leave Motown,” Wonder said. “That’s Detroit. So I’m sure that we can figure out how we can do some things at Motown.”

Wonder said this was the first time he released two songs at the same time and the release coincided with the 36th birthday of his second oldest son, Mumtaz Morris.

Wonder said he started writing “Where Is Our Love Song” when he was 18. “Then came this year,” he said, “with all the confusion and all the hate and all the east versus west, left versus right. It’s just a hard break.”

All of the proceeds from the song “Where Is Our Love Song” will go to Feeding America.

“In these times, we are hearing the most poignant wake-up calls and cries for this nation and the world to, please, heed our need for love, peace and unity,” Wonder said about the donation in a statement.

During the conference he also gave an update on his health, saying he “was blessed with a new kidney” last December. He had revealed during London’s BST Festival last year that he was scheduled for a kidney transplant.

“Since I have been released from the hospital, the nurses have made sure I’ve taken my medicine on time and I’m going to do it for as long as I have to, even if it is the rest of my life. I feel great. My voice feels great,” he said. “I feel like I’m about 40 right now and I just thank everyone for the prayers and the love.”

“And for all of the people that have been listening to these rumors, listen, if I’m feeling some kind of way, I’ll let you know,” he continued. “We don’t want to have misinformation. I am alive and well.”

Wonder also encouraged people to vote in the upcoming presidential election next month.

“We can’t put voting in the hands of fate. The universe is watching us. And for me, we’ve got to vote justice in and injustice out. That’s just what time it is. That’s down the ballot by the way, from your local to your state to your national — handle that,” he said.

“Change is right now. We can’t put it into the hands of fate. Ain’t nobody got time to wait,” he said. “We can’t put it the hands of fate finding a cure for this dreadful virus. We got to get on our knees and pray or whatever you do.”

“I want everyone to be well,” he continued. “I don’t care what color you are because actually I don’t see your color. You see color, don’t act like you don’t see color, you do. But I don’t see your visual color. But I do feel your soul. I do feel your spirit. I see the color of your spirit and soul, and I’m seeing too many spirits and souls that are not about the love that we’re supposed to have and feel for one another.”

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